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Will Facebook's Political Ad Authorization Policy Silence the Everyman?

Ever had a Facebook ad rejected, with basically no explanation? Its hard enough as a digital marketing professional, but for anyone who's new to the game it can very quickly become a maze of...

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Facebook Founder Announces 2018 New Year's Resolutions: Breaking Down Zuckerberg’s Post about the Future of Facebook.

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook posted a missive on his Facebook wall regarding changes to the way Facebook will operate moving forward. (See  here or below.) Undoubtedly, much of what...
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Bluefish Builds New Website & Digital Marketing Plan for KPM’s Film Credit Business

The second-generation site built by BFD reflects the firm's success

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BFD Produces First Video Webshow for

Video key content in real estate Website's lead gen programStephen Martin, a Successful businesm,  self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur” and the founder of,came to us...

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Baystate Wealth Management: Branding and Website Project Completed

Coaxing Out a New Brand for an Established Financial Services Firm We initially met the team at Baystate Wealth Management while working for the firm’s sister company and charitable arm, the...

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Facebook Testing Ads to Allow Digital Marketers to Target Brick & Mortar Visitors

 Custom audiences use Location Services to target in-store visitors and allow proximity marketing

Facebook is testing an option for advertisers to target people who visited their real-world...

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Timberland PRO Women's Launch "Hype" Video

June 30th, 2017 , Jeffrey Hodnett Content, Branding, Video
Brand Video for Client's New Product Launch Goes Live.Just want to share an older video project that we developed last year that has recently gone public.
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Some Cyber Security Basics from a Network Security Expert

June 15th, 2017 , Jeffrey Hodnett Security, network, hacking

Whether its the Russians or the brand social media page that goes sideways, hacking hasn't been this hot since "War Games"

As digital marketing professionals, we spend most of the day online - at...

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Social Media Marketing Volume Continues to Grow at Double Digit Pace Year over Year

Digital marketing impressions, clicks, CTR and spend all grew significantly in Q1 2017

Following a typical Q4 push for the holiday season, the Digital Marketing industry had a bang-up first three...

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Instagram Rolls Out Saved Post Feature. Great for User, Even Better for Marketers

The Pinterest-like ability to curate and save content may reshape the way people use Instagram.

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