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A 7-year Old’s View of the Blizzard of ’78: My First “Published” Article | Bluefish Digital Marketing

February 07th, 2013 , Jeffrey Hodnett news


The pending mega-storm Nemo made me thinks back to my “roots” as a writer. On February 7, 1978, I produced my first article to document the great Blizzard of ‘78. 

The Hodnett Hawk – Feb 8 1978

With desktop publishing and blogging tools still about three decades away, I also had to create my own newspaper – The Hodnett Hawk (Circulation: 3) from two pieces of glued together notebook paper.

My mom had enough sense of humor to tuck it away and passed it along to me when I moved out after college. It has  been sitting in a trunk for about 20 years until I uncovered it during a recent move.

This is pretty similar to what my Mom had for a typewriter.

Granted, it seems like first graders today are developing mobile apps in HTML 5, but when I was 7, we didn’t exactly have the same technology. Therefore, after being trapped inside for what seemed like 4 months, I took to the 1940’s-era typewriter that my mom kept (and still regularly used) in her sewing room to produce the masterpiece you see above.

Hope you enjoyed this trip down Memory Lane with me and that you all are safe this February. Remember DONOTGOOUT!