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Are you ready for Penguin 2.0?


Penguin 2.0 is here. What is Pengiun you ask. Penguin is the code name for an update that Google made to their algorithm in April of 2012. The intent of this update was to specifically address spam or unhelpful websites, to do a better job of penalizing sites that were using “tricks” to attain better Google page rank. Well Google, via Matt Cutts’ webmaster Youtube channel has announced that Penguin 2.0 is being rolled out.

Are you ready?


To the short answer is if you and your web or search company aren’t cheating or doing anything sketchy, you should be fine and may actually see an increase in page rank.


The long answer is, well…a bit longer. Google’s primary objective here is to reward websites that provide the best user experience. When you search for something, anything, it is Google’s job to deliver you a list of websites that give you exactly what you want. Our job as website builders and search consultants is to build your site in such a way, and continue to optimize it such that it falls as high on that list as possible for any given set of search terms.


How do we do that? If you’ve read any of our other blog posts on this subject you may have a sense by now of how we do it, but it starts with thorough understanding of your business and your customers. That always comes first. Once we get a handle on that, we can write copy that will accurately portray your brand and tell your story, using language and terminology that your customers are using. Note, there’s a very big difference between keyword spamming your website and using good keywords in well-written copy. We almost can’t stress this enough.


There’s a lot more to it, having a good social media presence, monitoring your analytics and making adjustments based on traffic and search terms to name just a few, but that’s the basic idea. Want to know more? Email us or give us a call and we’d be happy to talk with you about how we might be able to help.


Oh, if you haven’t watched the video, the takeaway quote, said with the slightest smirk, from Matt is this:


“…if you’ve been hanging out on a lot of black hat forums and trading different types of spamming package tips and that sort of stuff, then this might be an eventful summer for you.”