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Bluefish Builds New Website & Digital Marketing Plan for KPM’s Film Credit Business

The second-generation site built by BFD reflects the firm's success

 As digital marketing professionals, we know how important having the right website can be to our client’s businesses. So, it is extremely exciting to us to get the opportunity to work with clients over a long period of time, building multiple websites as we watch them grow and succeed.

Kevin P. Martin and Associates came to us approximately 5 years ago with an idea for what was then a burgeoning services line that needed a new look and feel. The “film tax credit” consulting business was new and the Commonwealth of MA was one of the pioneers. KPM had decided to parlay its success with other areas of tax credits into this new venture.

At that time, Bluefish Digital built them a simple micro site that allowed users to learn about the different tax credits in each state through an interactive map of the U.S. We have since added a well-read and well-regarded industry news blog, state updates, staff bios and even integrated their popular twitter account.

Fast-forward to 2017 and KPM has become a trusted adviser to major Hollywood studios, Independents and state film bureaus across the U.S.. With dozens of productions under their belt, their business had outgrown the first-generation website, and KPM came back and asked us to build them a new site that would take them through their next five years.

Demonstrating Leadership

One of the things we decided from the beginning was that this new website needed to reflect both KPM’s expertise and leadership in the film tax credit arena, but also showcase the expanded role they have taken in providing consulting and tax planning for both studios and individuals. 

kpm film team

The new site featured some of the Firm's more recent and high-profile projects; their popular “state incentive briefs” to keep visitors informed of the ever-changing tax credit landscape, and an expanded Blog & Insights section that allows users to research the growing archives for information by state, service type, or specific keyword.

Improved UX and UI

Another important element of the project was to improve the site's User Experience (UX) by developing a much more intuitive User Interface (UI) Visually, the site got a whole new look with bold color blocks, striking imagery, and smart, modern text treatments that helped the user find what they want quickly and easily. The popular state-credit map (which has been subsequently “knocked off” by several competitors after it appeared on the first site) was also updated with new easier-to-use interface and the entire site was built on a responsive platform with a “mobile first” design.

bfd-kpm-website-promo-insta (1) 

Traffic and Lead Generation

The new site went live last week and we are finalizing a multi-pronged go-to-market plan to help drive traffic and generate leads. We will continue to work with KPM to create new high-value content and videos for the site and promote it via a mix of social media, lead nurturing emails, pay-per-click and social media ads. We look forward to monitoring the success of the program and will be following up with some analysis in the first quarter of 2018. 

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