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Digital Marketing in 2015 and Beyond: The Importance of Multi-channel, Video, Ecommerce and other Integrated Digital Marketing Trends


A recent study of the Digital Marketing landscape by Comscore is an eye opener to a lot of traditional advertising and marketing folks.

Comscore just issued a great report on the state and future of digital marketing: U.S. Digital: Future in Focus(download here) is packed with great information for anyone looking to understand integrated digital marketing and where it’s headed.

We’ve summarized some of the key points below and – as always – we give you the BFD perspective:


Study’s show that Shopper now use Multiple channels to make ecom buying decisions.



  • 86% of global consumers use “more than two channels to complete a purchase, mobile cannot be viewed in a vacuum.”

Desktops still rule, but Mobile is catching up fast. Mobile now accounts for nearly 60% of digital engagement time spent in ecommerce (although still only 13% of revenue).

The BFD? Conversion no longer takes place on only one channel. Decisions are made multi-channel and multi-device. If your marketing plan doesn’t include digital and mobile, it needs to.



  • Digital media consumption over the past four years viasmartphones is up 394 percent and via tablets it grew 1,721 percent.
  • Research also shows that in the past year, mobile commerce jumped 28% to $31.6 billion, outpacing desktop ecommerce growth, which grew by 13% to $236.9 billion.

All that, but marketers are still treating mobile like an add-on to traditional or Desktop focused advertising. Our friends at Media Post sum it up perfectly: “…many mobile ads are still un-engaging, poorly targeted and disjoined from the rest of the customer journey. Mobile ads are not desktop ads on a smaller screen.”

The BFD? If you’re going to do mobile, do it right. Use mobile specific (or at least responsive) landing pages, compelling content, and ads that ACTUALLY WORK on a mobile screen (you’d be amazed how often this isn’t done.)



Digital marketing truly represents the democratization of data. With the significant advances in data collection and processing techniques and tools, the little guy now has access to the same information as the big guys and you can truly do more with less.

But just because you can get data on your customers doesn’t mean you know what to do with it. Personalizing ads has proven to drive conversions and the information exists to allow marketers to do just that if they know how.

The BFD?: Digital Marketers who uncover the secret to properly analyzing and synthesizing cross platform and cross device data, will win the day



  • The demographics of Snapchat, Vine, Tumblr and Instagram, skew predominantly toward Millennial audience (i.e. Age 18-34)

Hey, they grew up with this stuff. It’s only natural. Look no further than the fast growing  social platforms are all visually oriented.

The BFD?: If you’re going to reach anyone under the age of 35. You better have a solid visual content. Not much else to say, except…



  • YouTube remains the #1 online video destination, with 159.5 million desktop viewers in December
  • VEVO also led the Top 10 YouTube Channels with 15 videos watched per viewer in December 2014.

Other top destinations include Disney/Maker Studios (42.6 million) and Full screen (36.9 million.) It may sound contrary to what we just said – as Vine and other social media vehicles have made the 4-6 second video clip a staple of the social media landscape – but quality long-form content continues to deliver. The success of Podcasts, VOD, and longer form bespoke video brand content will continue to drive brand loyalty and though leadership.The popularity of professionally and semi-professionally produced content on YouTube Channels continues to drive engagement on the platform, with VEVO ranking as the #1 channel with 44.2 million viewers

The BFD?: The credibility derived from long form content – particularly in the B2B space – is still dramatically higher and more influential than its 10 second counterparts. Don’t believe it? Consider some of the top social media success stories from last year were long form social vehicles that were considered dead: Podcasting (“Serial” and its 1+ million downloads weekly.) and Myspace (Myspace actually GREW 469% in 2014).