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Digital Marketing's Effect on Cyber Monday 2016

It is no surprise that in today's growing digital marketplace, Cyber Monday sales were larger than any year before. With $3.45 billion in spending occurring online, every digital marketer invested in ecommerce was focused on finding the most efficient way to attract shoppers. As the reports and statistics continue to roll out, we wanted to share some of what we found most interesting.


 cyber-monday-bluefish-stats.pngEfficiency of Email

One of the biggest drivers of online purchases this year was email marketing. According to data from Adobe Digital Insights, email drove 19.9% of purchases throughout the day, a 32.7% year-over-year growth. That just about proves to us that email is still one of the most effective ways to reach your buyers and get them to make a purchase. Emails accounted for 1/5 of every purchase made on Cyber Monday. Whoever said email was old school, better realize that it is actually growing.


Movement to Mobile

Another major take-away comes from the mobile device statistics. ChannelAdvisor found that 65% of all traffic and 41% of all purchases on Cyber Monday occured on a mobile device. And it wasn't just Cyber Monday that saw this movement to mobile. On Thanksgiving Day, 53% of online orders took place on a mobile device and it is estimated that mobile traffic accounted for 75% of the weekend shopping in total.  What does this mean for us? A website needs to be ready to handle the mobile shopper with ease. Confusing layouts and non-mobile friendly websites will not be tolerated by consumers. 


More About Monday

  • eBay beat out Amazon as the most mentioned online retailer on social media. (Adobe)
  • Mobile push notifications increased 47% year-over-year. (IBM)
  • The average order value on iOS smartphones was $139 (slightly higher) compared to Android smartphones $124. (Adobe)
  • Monday marked the largest online sales day in history (Email Marketing Daily)
  • Out-of-stock messages were at 12 percent, 0.7 percent less than levels seen in 2015 and 1.5 percent higher than on Black Friday (10.5 percent). (Adobe)
  • $1.07 billion in purchases were made on mobile devices. (Adobe)


What's the BFD?

If we can learn anything from the efficiency of email and movement to mobile statistics, it is how to better use digital marketing to attract buyers. Is it time to improve your email marketing strategy? Is your website responsive to mobile for the 75% of mobile shoppers? The holiday shopping season has just begun, and there are plenty of ways to improve your digital marketing tactics to draw in shoppers before Santa puts the presents under the tree.

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