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Instagram Rolls Out Saved Post Feature. Great for User, Even Better for Marketers

The Pinterest-like ability to curate and save content may reshape the way people use Instagram.

Instagram is rolling out a new feature that may dramatically change the way that users, and marketers, view the social media channel. Starting with Instagram 10.3 for Android, a new 'Saved' tab is visible on the profile page as of December 15, 2016.

This new Save feature, while no particularly earth shattering in a technological sense, will allow users to save and curate content that is intersesting to them in a Pinterest-like way to a new, private tab on their profile. Ther,e they can see and sort all their saved content. (It will not be visible to anyone but the user.)

Creating “Shelf Life” for Content

For the marketer, this is really about shelf life of your post. Instead of having a post that lasts a fleeting minute, users can save their content, curating it for later, like the way the they would a Pinterest board. This changes the way brands should plan their content strategies for Instagram.

An article in DigiDay mentions that this makes it a valuable tool for brands with “long lead products Bridal or wedding products and home improvement, for example, are good fits, where consumers create virtual mood boards in advance while browsing”

Content for Earlier in the Buyer’s Journey

Where Instagram in the past relied more on the instant response of a user to an image or video, this new feature allows content creators to target potential customers earlier in their buyer’s journey.

For Bluefish clients like Timberland PRO and New England Turf store this makes perfect sense as it allows us to create content that will help influence the next buying cycle, as they both have very defined buying seasons (boots in the winter and Lawns in the spring.)

And professional services clients who also have cyclical business (CPA’s etc.) could also benefit from creating content that might be a little earlier in the buyer’s journey. Tax advice and strategies that might go unheeded in January, can saved until they are needed at tax time.

How it Worksinstgram saved-1.jpg

When a user views your photo or video, a new “Save” button will now appear on the bottom right. All their saved photos appear together on the Saved tab, (they will see a new bookmark icon underneath posts in your feed) and removing them is as easy as pressing the save button again. User’s saved posts are not visible by other users, and users are not notified if their post has been saved by someone else.  Saved posts are part of Instagram version 10.2, available today for iOS in the Apple App Store and for Android in Google Play.


What’s the BFD?

  • The big upside here for marketers is that they will be able to create content now that will last longer with the user. They will be able to target them when they may not be specifically ready to buy and still have effective engagement if the user save their post.
  • This will also allow Instagram to aggregate that saved post data and use it to provide advertisers with better and more concise targeting options.
  • The new save feature may also increase users time on the app, which may in turn, reduce the time they spend on other social media channels like Facebook and Pinterest.