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Welcome to the New Bluefish Digital Website

September 01th, 2016 , Jeffrey Hodnett web design

Over the summer, we decided to take our own advice and overhaul our firm’s website. More than just a facelift, we rebuilt and re-imagined the new from the ground up and utilized...

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Timberland PRO Launches "A Day in the Boot"

Our client, Timberland PRO recently launched a new social media branding campaign created by Bluefish, called “A Day in the Boot.”

The idea was not to make another product video about boots,...

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Where are SMBs spending their Digital Marketing Budgets?

 A recent study of 7000 + Small to Medium Business (SMBs) published on Media Post indicated that 72% of them plan to spend money on Digital services in the next 12 months. This is good news for...

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Twitter is Being Served Alongside Google Search Results: What Digital Marketing Folks Should Know

You may notice something new in the results page the next time you run a google search, and its impact on Digital Marketing could be far more significant than the little birdie icon indicates.

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Creating a digital marketing hub for a whole new type of digital content provider: Stellwagen Media

Our friends at Stellwagen Media are demonstrating the power of digital marketing to the “somewhat dated” world of outdoor programming. By delivering compelling digital video content, they’re...

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Twitter: All the Kids are Doing It (Or are They?) | Bluefish Digital Marketing

 Last week, we took a look at how Facebook continues to grow, particularly among older people. The next logical jump for a digital marketing genius is to assume that if you’re looking to target...

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Your Mom’s on Facebook (But so is Everyone else): Demographics of an aging platform audience. | Bluefish Digital Marketing

 Late last winter, we published a blog on the demographics of various social platforms . At the time, Pinterest was taking off and it became one of our most well read pieces as many of our clients...

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What the Buying Habits of Millennials Social Media Mean for Digital Marketing

For a while now, we have been comparing the various social platforms and contrasting their audiences and effectiveness as marketing tools. One thing that we haven’t covered yet is the buying...

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Blue Collar Creativity: The hard work of delivering innovation. | Bluefish Digital Marketing

The toughest part about what we do as digital marketers is to constantly strike the fine line between creativity and simple hard work. We are equally pleased to have clients who refer to us as...

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The Painted Ladies of CES – The booth babe controversy meets social media

This January marks the first year in quite some time that I haven’t spent a week out in Las Vegas with my tech colleagues sweating our way through another at CES. While following the show closely...

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