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What the Buying Habits of Millennials Social Media Mean for Digital Marketing

For a while now, we have been comparing the various social platforms and contrasting their audiences and effectiveness as marketing tools. One thing that we haven’t covered yet is the buying...

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Blue Collar Creativity: The hard work of delivering innovation. | Bluefish Digital Marketing

The toughest part about what we do as digital marketers is to constantly strike the fine line between creativity and simple hard work. We are equally pleased to have clients who refer to us as...

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The Painted Ladies of CES – The booth babe controversy meets social media

This January marks the first year in quite some time that I haven’t spent a week out in Las Vegas with my tech colleagues sweating our way through another at CES. While following the show closely...

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When Bad Stock Happens to Good Projects: Top 5 Types of Images Ruining your Digital Marketing | Bluefish Digital Marketing

After getting a (good) photographer’s bill, I was thinking about the democratization of the digital marketing industry (and photography industry, in particular) and how the digital photography...

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Bluefish Featured in Tech Target Article on Ecommerce Planning and Shopify for the Holiday Shopping Season

December 15th, 2015 , Jeffrey Hodnett Shopify, Retail, Strategy, Marketing
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The Voodoo Science of PR in a Digital Marketing World | Bluefish Digital Marketing

November 11th, 2015 , Jeffrey Hodnett Digitial marketing, PR

As a PR professional and practitioner, I must admit. We are an odd bunch. We like to keep the magic behind the curtain and the alchemy of what we do is part of why we can charge what we do.

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The Expansion of Ecommerce Platforms and a Holistic Approach to Truly Integrated Digital Marketing | Bluefish Digital Marketing

Recently, our Creative Director, Jeremy France was interviewed by SearchIT for an article about the rapid expansion of ecommerce platforms. While the article focused a lot on the choices that we...

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Questions to Consider Before Choosing an Ecommerce Platform | Bluefish Digital Marketing

October 14th, 2015 , Jeffrey Hodnett Shopify, Ecommerce

Choosing the Right Ecommerce Platform

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Big Data Means Bigger Role for Digital Marketing | Bluefish Digital Marketing

As we at BFD have been preaching for years, the advent of big data and prevalence of analytics has given the Marketing function the ammo it needs to play in the sandbox previously reserved for the...

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Mobile Digital Marketing: Mobile Buying Habits of Millennials (Part I of II)

Only 35% of Millennials use their mobile phones to make purchases (FYI: Digital Marketing people that means that the couple on the right side of this picture of trendy millennials and half of the...
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