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Questions to Consider Before Choosing an Ecommerce Platform | Bluefish Digital Marketing

October 14th, 2015 , Jeffrey Hodnett Shopify, Ecommerce

Choosing the Right Ecommerce Platform

As our ecommerce practice continues to grow, we are getting more and more attention. Venerable tech reporter John Moore writing for SearchIT reached out to us after hearing about us online and interviewed our Creative director/partner Jeremy France about advancements in the ecommerce platform landscape.

In the article, “Developers Dig deeper on How to Choose the Right Technologies”, Jeremy (and other ecommerce developers) discuss the decisions facing developers (and our clients) when we choose ecommerce platforms.


Questions to Consider Before Choosing an Ecommerce Platform

“Companies weigh a number of factors when selecting tools. The ability to readily customize a platform to create individualized storefronts is a key selection criterion”

Some of the things we take into consideration when building an ecom platform for clinets are

  • The developer ecosystem around a given platform – How well is it supported and will it be in business 24 months from now.
  • The required time to market – It is pretty simple equation. Most startups have a pretty short runway before the cash runs out. As the article mentions “third-party extensions can shorten development time, which means customers can ring up e-commerce sales
  • The sophistication of a given e-commerce project- Equally important, the user who will be managing it on a day to day basis. Many times the person tasked with running the day to day (adding products, managing inventory) may not have an engineering or computer science degree.
  • The level of branding integration that needs to be considered – Is there a lot of branding? How important are the sites visuals? Do we need different types of product images, graphics or even video?
  • Free open source versions vs. commercial open source versions vs. closed-source commercial versions: Usually that’s a budget discussion, but with larger clients, it often comes down to IT preference (are they a Microsoft shop?) or if there are specific security requirements
  • Cloud vs. In House hosting – Again, budget and IT preferences and security are the 3 main factors to consider here.

One Solution Stands Out

Even after carefully assessing each of these with our clients, we will more often than not, come to the same conclusion – Shopify. We generally try to remain “technology agnostic” but the more we work the shopify platform, the better suited we find it to a whole host of sites.

Considering a New Ecom Platform or an Upgrade to Your Exisiting Web Store?

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