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Social Media Marketing Volume Continues to Grow at Double Digit Pace Year over Year

Digital marketing impressions, clicks, CTR and spend all grew significantly in Q1 2017

Following a typical Q4 push for the holiday season, the Digital Marketing industry had a bang-up first three months of 2017, benefiting largely from the polarized political climate. A recent study, published by, confirmed what digital marketers already knew - that 2017 will be a damn good year for businesses who understand the power of Digital.

Their survey was based on a survey of 3000 advertisers across 20 verticals in 60 countries. Overall, they studied 600 Billion impressions and 13 Billion clicks.

Digital Marketing Insights:
Impressions: Over all impressions were up 14% year over year, but down 9% compared to Q4.
Total Clicks: Total Clicks was up an enormous 45% year over year. Likely a response to the onrush of (fake?) political news.
Total Spent: Total digital ad spend was up 41% over Q1 2016
CTR: Most surprisingly, the click through rates, up 27% YoY didn’t fall off in Q1 like then normally do and was up 1%. Given the Ecom clicks that Q4 normal gets, that is a BIG jump.
Video: Video also maintained its share of spend, growing 29% Year over Year

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 10.09.00 AM.png


What’s the BFD?

While it will be interesting to see if the digital market cools off in Q2, we don’t think it is likely. As long as the political climate remains as polarized as it seems to be, continued growth of digital marketing should be the norm for the next few quarters.