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The Expansion of Ecommerce Platforms and a Holistic Approach to Truly Integrated Digital Marketing | Bluefish Digital Marketing

Recently, our Creative Director, Jeremy France was interviewed by SearchIT for an article about the rapid expansion of ecommerce platforms. While the article focused a lot on the choices that we as developers and designers make to help our clients find the right platform(you can read that here in a previous blog), another thing that jumped out was the rapid growth in a space that many people have come to consider “mainstream.”

According to the article, Ecom analyst Tom Robertshaw, (co-founder of Meanbee Ltd) “identified 77 such platforms in his April 2014 eCommerce Survey. Twenty-eight of those platforms were new to this year’s survey.”

What is Driving the Growth in Ecommerce Platforms

That’s a massive growth by any standards. We at BFD headquarters see several factors as helping to drive this growth;

  1. The ubiquity of mobile and the need to create a positive user experience across a variety of devices and platforms
  2. The expansion of data colleting and processing (‘BIG DATA”) that helps to customize a user experience and maximizes
  3. The ability to ingrate both the above features seamlessly into social media and search tool with the utmost of precision to target customers and prospects.

This last point what we consider “integrated digital marketing” in its truest form and is a good part of the reason that we formed Bluefish Digital in the first place.

Integrated Digital Marketing in its Purest Form.

We are now able to build you a custom branded store, then implement a seamless social, search, and direct (online or offline) outreach campaign for a fraction of what traditional marketing costs, and with proven accuracy and precision.

And this concept works for more than just ecommerce, we can apply the same principals to branding and recruitment campaigns like we are currently doing for our new client Timberland Pro. (More on that later).

Want to leand more?

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