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Timberland PRO Launches "A Day in the Boot"

Our client, Timberland PRO recently launched a new social media branding campaign created by Bluefish, called “A Day in the Boot.”

IMG_3331.jpgThe idea was not to make another product video about boots, rather to show that we understand the daily rigors that our customers go through. When the guy on the job site realizes that we know the challenges he faces, it makes it easier for him trust that we build products with his needs in mind.  

When it came to shooting, we took a crew of 4 (plus a drone) and spent the day with an excavating crew in New Hampshire, shadowing them as they went about their day and interviewing them about what makes them do what they do.

"A Day in the Boot"

Client: Timberland PRO | Agencey: Bluefish Digital   


This initial video is designed to be the first in a series of geographically and occupationally specific videos that will show a variety of our customer’s Day in the Boot. We’ve gotten great reviews and feedback, and the engagement results project have exceeded anything the Brand had done before on Social. 

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