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Timberland PRO Women's Launch "Hype" Video

June 30th, 2017 , Jeffrey Hodnett Content, Branding, Video
Brand Video for Client's New Product Launch Goes Live.
Just want to share an older video project that we developed last year that has recently gone public.

This video was originally conceived to be a "hype" video for the introduction to the new line of women's boots at Timberland PRO's annual sales meeting earlier in the year. The PRO team liked it so much they released it to the the sales team to help pitch the new line, and, ultimately, to customers on social media.

Timberland Pro Women Workwear Launch Hype Video from Bluefish Digital on Vimeo.

We shot it in one  day at  three locations around Cape Ann, MA, including a machine shop in Rockport, an active construction site in Gloucester, and the Ipswich Brewing company brewery down the street from our office in Ipswich.

Not a traditional product video, the goal was to highlight the key attributes that Timberland PRO sees in their female customers. Early feedback from the field has show that the sales team has been using it in part of their line presentatiosn with good results.

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