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Bluefish Builds New Website & Digital Marketing Plan for KPM’s Film Credit Business

The second-generation site built by BFD reflects the firm's success

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Facebook Testing Ads to Allow Digital Marketers to Target Brick & Mortar Visitors

 Custom audiences use Location Services to target in-store visitors and allow proximity marketing

Facebook is testing an option for advertisers to target people who visited their real-world...

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Social Media Marketing Volume Continues to Grow at Double Digit Pace Year over Year

Digital marketing impressions, clicks, CTR and spend all grew significantly in Q1 2017

Following a typical Q4 push for the holiday season, the Digital Marketing industry had a bang-up first three...

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Your Mom’s on Facebook (But so is Everyone else): Demographics of an aging platform audience. | Bluefish Digital Marketing

 Late last winter, we published a blog on the demographics of various social platforms . At the time, Pinterest was taking off and it became one of our most well read pieces as many of our clients...

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The Voodoo Science of PR in a Digital Marketing World | Bluefish Digital Marketing

November 11th, 2015 , Jeffrey Hodnett Digitial marketing, PR

As a PR professional and practitioner, I must admit. We are an odd bunch. We like to keep the magic behind the curtain and the alchemy of what we do is part of why we can charge what we do.

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Big Data Means Bigger Role for Digital Marketing | Bluefish Digital Marketing

As we at BFD have been preaching for years, the advent of big data and prevalence of analytics has given the Marketing function the ammo it needs to play in the sandbox previously reserved for the...

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