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Facebook Founder Announces 2018 New Year's Resolutions: Breaking Down Zuckerberg’s Post about the Future of Facebook.

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook posted a missive on his Facebook wall regarding changes to the way Facebook will operate moving forward. (See  here or below.) Undoubtedly, much of what...
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Facebook Testing Ads to Allow Digital Marketers to Target Brick & Mortar Visitors

 Custom audiences use Location Services to target in-store visitors and allow proximity marketing

Facebook is testing an option for advertisers to target people who visited their real-world...

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Twitter: All the Kids are Doing It (Or are They?) | Bluefish Digital Marketing

 Last week, we took a look at how Facebook continues to grow, particularly among older people. The next logical jump for a digital marketing genius is to assume that if you’re looking to target...

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Your Mom’s on Facebook (But so is Everyone else): Demographics of an aging platform audience. | Bluefish Digital Marketing

 Late last winter, we published a blog on the demographics of various social platforms . At the time, Pinterest was taking off and it became one of our most well read pieces as many of our clients...

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Putting a Pricetag on Friends. How does $175 a year sound? | Bluefish Digital Marketing

Just when you thought digital marketing via Facebook  was dead in the water, recently released research suggests that each “like” or “friend” that a brand gets on Facebook can generate some...

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Facebook Simplifying its Advertising Offerings (Phew)

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