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Where are SMBs spending their Digital Marketing Budgets?

 A recent study of 7000 + Small to Medium Business (SMBs) published on Media Post indicated that 72% of them plan to spend money on Digital services in the next 12 months. This is good news for...

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What Does Your Website Say About Your Company? (Is Your Second Impression as Good as Your First?) | Bluefish Digital Marketing

Good news: You just got a big lead.  Bad News: The prospect is going to swing by the office tomorrow.

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Facebook Simplifying its Advertising Offerings (Phew)

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When it comes to SEO, Content is King

April 03th, 2013 , Jeffrey Hodnett news, google, tutorials, seo

Recently responded to journalist who was looking to talk about the “the rise of importance of content.”

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From the Mouths of Babes: 7 Blogging Tips from a 7–year old.

When I published the article a month or so back about my home-made newspaper from the Blizzard of 1978, I realized that there were a few good lessons that I could take away from my early efforts...

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A 7-year Old’s View of the Blizzard of ’78: My First “Published” Article | Bluefish Digital Marketing

February 07th, 2013 , Jeffrey Hodnett news

The pending mega-storm Nemo made me thinks back to my “roots” as a writer. On February 7, 1978, I produced my first article to document the great Blizzard of ‘78. 

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