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Twitter is Being Served Alongside Google Search Results: What Digital Marketing Folks Should Know

You may notice something new in the results page the next time you run a google search, and its impact on Digital Marketing could be far more significant than the little birdie icon indicates.

With the new Google-Twitter partnership now live, Tweets will begin showing up in mobile search results starting today (May 19, 2015). This has a lot of impact on the way digital marketers need to look at the platform that is currently running a distant second behind Facebook in terms of visibility and reach.

As Twitter seeks a larger audience to share all its content (and, let’s be honest, this is about increasing advertising reach) this partnership with Google is mutually beneficial. Twitter expands its reach while Google buys its way into social media – one of the few arena’s that Google has not been able to truly dial-in.

According to a post on the Google Blog by Ardan Arac, senior product manager for Google, this partnership is… “a great way to get real-time info when something is happening. And it’s another way for organizations and people on Twitter to reach a global audience at the most relevant moments.”

To digital marketers, this integration means that they can no longer look at search and social as silos (or even complimentary disciplines.) They are now intrinsically linked and taking an integrated digital marketing approach is critical. Want further proof? In February, Twitter started delivering ads to third-party websites and apps to dramatically improve its current reach of approximately 300 million (this is compared to Facebook with nearly 1.4 billion.). It’s all one being happy digital world now.


How it Works

Basically, you’ll need to ask the Google app to search for items and it will automatically include Tweets and according to Google “Searches for popular topics now return Google’s typical results and a side-scrolling stream of related tweets.”

Adding the term “Twitter” to your search also seems to be recommended. For example, by searching “NHL Playoffs Twitter” the app should “bring up the most relevant news and Tweets” surrounding the playoffs.  Like all things Google, the formula to determine what is “most relevant” will remain a secret sauce, but suffice it to say those with more followers, retweets, and comments will likely stand out to the search engine.

Here’s a screen shot of what a search for Taylor Swift might look like on your mobile device.


Arac goes on in his blog  to say that the initial roll out will be on in English, and for the Google app (for both Android and iOS) It will gradually roll out on mobile browsers. Multi-language support is also in the works (“We’re working on bringing it to more languages and to desktop, so stay tuned.”)


What’s the BFD?

Twitter is now relevant even if your audience isn’t currently there: If search is important to your company or brand, your digital marketing strategy needs to include Twitter – even if you’re demographic is most at home on Facebook or Pinterest. If you’re selling a product online or locally, then your brands Twitter presence move beyond branding and commmunicaitons and becomes a significantly more valuable part of your SEO mix.

The social media rich will only get richer. I’m going to assume that a tweet from Kim Kardashian from South Beach will get much higher precedence than the same one from Kim Smith from South Bronx. That only increases Miss Kardashian’s “value” and lowers the potential impact of  of poor Miss Smith’s tweet.

You’ll need to adjust your digital marketing budget: Finally, the real money is with Google featuring promoted Tweets. While Twitter is currently not serving “Promoted Tweets” when it’s content appears on Google, if (when) this becomes the case, the choice digital marketers face between buying ads on Facebook or Twitter becomes significantly more difficult.

Integrated digital marketing is happening: (Semi- Sales pitch to follow) The reason we created Bluefish Digital was to help our clients realize that things like search and social are not just online versions of Direct Mail or glorified Yellow Pages campaigns. They each have a significant impact on each other. Taking a holistic and results based approach allows you to multiply the impact of your effort and get the most out of your resources. This is what we do for clients every single day and why you should talk to us to learn more about how we can help you.